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NYCSFA Constitution




  1. Title

    1. The association shall be called North Yorkshire County Schools’ Football Association (NYCSFA) – referred to in this document as the “The association” or by the abbreviated NYCSFA.

  2. Affiliation

    1. The association will affiliate, annually, to the English Schools’ Football Association (ESFA).

  3. Objectives

    1. To promote the mental, moral, physical and development of young people in schools and colleges, through the medium of association football.

    2. To promote, govern, organise and support Schools’ football competitions across the whole of the County

    3. Liaison with professional and senior clubs for the benefit of schools’ players.

  4. Eligibility

    1. Membership of the association shall be open to all North Yorkshire County Schools’ affiliated to the ESFA, and those affiliated to the related districts or Harrogate & Craven, Hambleton & Richmond, Scarborough & Ryedale and York & Selby. Membership of the association is therefore open to the four districts across North Yorkshire.

  5. Fees

  1. The association will collect affiliations from each of the districts related to the number of school’s within the district. 

  1. Officers of the Association

    1. The Officers of the association shall be elected annually at the annual general meeting.

    2. The officers shall normally consist of the following: President, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Welfare Officer and Competition Secretary

  2. Executive Committee Membership

    1. The executive committee shall consist of:

      1. The President – elected annually.

      2. The officers off the association as stated in article 6 above.

      3. Representative from other Sports Networks eg. SGO if available

      4. County FA, when available

      5. Representative team Managers

      6. Representative from the District Secretaries


  3. Annual General Meeting

    1. The associations AGM shall be held before the NCSFA and ESFA AGMs.

    2. The following shall be elected annually at the AGM: President, County Officers.

    3. The business of the AGM shall include:

      1. Adoption of an Annual Report

      2. Adoption of a balance sheet, including Treasurer’s report.

      3. Election of president.

      4. Election of County Officers

      5. To receive the names of the nominated representatives

      6. Alterations of Rules: to be published with the formal notice of the AGM, at least two weeks prior to the day of the AGM.

    4. Each NYCSFA affiliated school and college in attendance at the AGM shall be entitled to one vote.

    5. Officers and Executive members, not previously attributed voting rights, shall be eligible to vote at all meetings.

  4. Nominations

    1. Nominations for President, and the Officers of the Association shall be invited from representatives from North Yorkshire Schools.  All nominations should be in writing and offered to the Secretary. The closing date should be 4 calendar weeks prior to the date of the AGM.

  5. Executive Committee

    1. The executive committee shall meet at regular intervals throughout the year with one such meeting being the AGM held as indicated above in 8a. Attendance is open to those named above under 4, 7 & 8.

    2. Additional meetings shall be held at the discretion of the Officers or at the written request of 5 NYCSFA affiliated schools or colleges.

    3. In all instances requiring an immediate response the NYCSFA, particularly concerning competitions, shall be dealt with by an Emergency Committee, consisting of not less than two from the following nominated Executive Committee members, President, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Competition Secretary and Secretary.

    4. The executive shall have the power and authority to co-opt others on to the executive committee. Co-opted members do not have voting rights.

    5. At all executive meetings, voting shall be one person, one vote.

    6. The executive committee shall be the ruling body regarding all playing and competition matters relating to schools’ football in North Yorkshire. This does not extend to disciplinary procedures beyond deselecting individual members of the Executive Committee or the withdrawal of a Team manager from managing a team. Any further disciplinary matters shall be dealt with the accordance with the English Schools FA disciplinary procedures.

    7. The selection and appointment of NYCSFA Team Managers and coaches shall be the responsibility of the Executive Committee.

    8. The executive committee shall have the power to appoint further committees as is deemed necessary.

  6. Rules

    1. Alterations of or additions to the Constitution, Competition Rules or Policies may only be able to made at the AGM or a special meeting convened for that purpose.

    2. All resolutions, amendments to the constitution, Competition rules and or policies must be received by the Secretary at least 28 days before the AGM. Such proposals may be made by the officers of the Association, an area association or by an individual school supported by 5 NYCSFA affiliated schools or colleges.