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Code of Conduct




  1. Remember that North Yorkshire County Schools’ football comes before club football. If you cannot abide by this  rule, you must not agree to be in the squad.
  2. You are representing your County and must endeavour to maintain its excellent and deserved reputation for sporting behaviour.
  3. You must let the Team manager know immediately if, for any reason, you are unavailable to play. Use the contact details provided to make this communication. 
  4. The dress for matches must be smart. School uniform, including ties or NYCSFA tie. Trainers, jeans, T shirts, anoraks and hoodies are not acceptable. If in doubt, ask your Team manager.
  5. Your arrival at the venue should be one hour before kick-off time. Check that you know the route and leave yourself plenty of time.
  6. Playing kit will be provided for all the squad at a game but you must bring everything else you may need. Your own supply of drink during the game is recommended
  7. You are expected to stay for the after-match proceedings. Please do not ask to leave early. It is discourteous to your opponents and food/drink will have been paid for.



  1. Learn and observe the laws of the game.
  2. Beat opponents by skill and not unfair means.
  3. Never argue with the referee or his assistants.
  4. Retire quickly to 10 yards when a free kick is given against you.
  5. Do not appeal for throw-ins, off-sides, free-kicks, etc.
  6. Give the ball promptly to opponents for throw-ins, free-kicks, etc.
  7. If an opponent gives you the ball for a throw-in, free-kick, etc. do not take advantage of them being out of position.
  8. Keep your self-control at all times and do not retaliate.
  9. Do not overact when your team scores.

10. Accept victory modestly and defeat graciously, remembering that North Yorkshire will be judged by your behaviour.



N.Y.C.S.F.A. respectfully request that, while attending County games, parents and spectators observe this code.

  1. Stand on the opposite touchline to the North Yorkshire Team Managers and Coaches.
  2. Show that you appreciate good football by clapping loudly and cheering.
  3. Give a warm and generous welcome to both teams.
  4. Cheer for your team but also encourage the opponents. Never boo anyone.
  5. Stay in one position and do not annoy other spectators.
  6. Always think of other spectators even when you are becoming excited.
  7. Maintain the very high reputation schools’ football has earned for its appreciation of good play by both teams.
  8. Recognise skill, enthusiasm and sporting behaviour in both teams.
  9. Remember that North Yorkshire will be judged by your behaviour as much as the behaviour of the players.

10. Win, lose or draw, show appreciation for the efforts of all the players and officials.