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Scarborough and District

Report 2016-17

Scarborough & District Schools 2016/17


District Footballers have been getting plenty of games with differing degrees of success.

The under 11's under Nigel Carson have been very impressive, they finished 4th in their league, winning 5, drawing 1 and losing 3 of their games. They qualified to play a new league of the top 5 teams and finished 4th in that. 
They were also semi finalists in the 2 Yorkshire Cup competitions and runners up in another losing 1-0 to Leeds in the final after knocking out Nottingham, Barnsley and Sheffield. They have played in 15 games and 5 tournaments.  They are represented by players from Scarborough and Ryedale but none from Whitby.

The under 12's under Mike Mastrolanardo (Caedmon College) have played 9 league games and  have won 2 and lost 7 but have had some close games and good performances. They also have played in 1 tournament. They are represented by all parts of the district.

The under 13's under Steve Brennan (Scarborough Football Scholarship at University of Hull) have also lost 7  After of their gamesman drawn 1 but have also been close in a few of them and put in some good performances. They are represented by all parts of the district. (1 from Whitby) 

Both the 12's and 13's have brought quite a few new players in and will be stronger the more they play together. The 13's had a couple of players drop out and could do with some new faces, particularly defensive minded ones. Would it be possible for the teachers to put forward a few names of lads who are doing really well for their school team please?

The under 14's under Dave Chamberlain (Parent and FA Qualified Coach) and Danny Collins (Wheatcroft School) have won 5, drawn 1 and lost 5 of their games and finished 7 out of 13. They then won their plate Demi final on penalties but lost the final to Leeds. 8 players in last season's squad joined academies during the last season, 3 are no longer in the team and the other 5 are used less frequently due to their academy commitments. They have also used a large squad introducing six new players giving time to fringe trialists and not over-using the 5 academy players. The coaches report game on game improvement from the pupils with additional boys being noticed and watched by academy scouts. They are represented by all parts of the district apart from Whitby and the coaches highlight that the style of football we look to play is by far the most positive in the league in terms of possession through the thirds and technical application, they have positively embraced this philosophy to a man and have represented their Schools very admirably from a personal behaviour, individual effort and sporting ethos perspective in the face of some robust play from some of our opponents. 

The under 15's under Steve Boynton (Hackness School) have lost 7 and won 2 of their games finishing 8th out of 10.
They are another team who have been unfortunate in some of the games, losing by just 1 goal in 3 of their games. They are represented by all parts of the district apart from Whitby.

The coaches have put some loads of hard work and commitment into these teams and I'm confident that all will complete all of their fixtures and we will have played more games than any other association at the end of the season.

We still have the look of amateurs at these events though. Other teams often turn up on a bus and all of the teams we play have jackets and tracksuits to complement their full sets of matching kit. Lots of them train once a week too.