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Competition Rules



  1. Schools and colleges shall only be allowed to take part after district payment of the Entry Fee to NYSFA.
  2. Only bona-fide students of the appropriate sex and age [as defined below] receiving Full-Time Secondary or Further Education, in accordance with the Education Acts, shall be eligible to play in NYSFA Competitions. If you are in doubt please contact Richard Davis.
  3. For the U 19 competitions             players must be over 15 and under 19 at midnight on 31/08/16
    For the U 16 boys’ cup (Year 11)    boys must be over 15 and under 16 at midnight on 31/08/16
    For the U 16 girls’ cup  (Yrs 10+11)girls must be over 14 and under 16 at midnight on 31/08/16
    For the U 15 cup         (Yr 10)         boys must be over 14 and under 15 at midnight on 31/08/16
    For the U 14 boys’ cup (Yr 9)          boys must be over 13 and under 14 at midnight on 31/08/16
    For the U14 girls’ cup   (Yrs 8+9)    girls must be over 12 and under 14 at midnight on 31/08/16
    For the U13 boys’ cup  (Yrs 7+8)    boys must be over 11 and under 13 at midnight on 31/08/16
    For the U13 girls’ cup   (Yrs 7+8)    girls must be over 11 and under 13 at midnight on 31/08/16
    Midnight on 31/08/16 is defined as the moment when 31st August 2016 becomes 1st September 2016.
  4. A player shall not play for more than one School or College during any one season.
  5. Matches played at U19                    shall be 45 minutes each way
    Matches played at U16[Boys]/ U15 shall be 40 minutes each way
    Matches played at U16[Girls]/U14   shall be 35 minutes each way
    Matches played at U13                    shall be 30 minutes each way.
  6. All Knockout Cup-ties shall, in the event of the game ending in a draw, play extra time as specified in the rules of that particular age-group.
  7. If a Knockout Cup-tie is still drawn after extra time, then penalties shall be taken, in blocks of 5 per side. If, after each side has taken five penalties, scores are still level, then five further penalties per team shall be taken by players who did not take any of the initial block of five. ‘Sudden death’ individual penalties will NOT be taken, only ten alternative penalties in blocks of five, as outlined, ad infinitum.
  8. The maximum size of the pitch shall be 120 metres x 90 metres, and the minimum size shall be 80 metres x 55 metres. Pitches shall always have goal nets and corner flags and pitches should be clearly marked.
  9. Matches should take place whenever possible at a private and enclosed ground. Pitches should be grass unless otherwise agreed by both teams.  A gate may be taken at Semi-finals and Finals.
  10. The Ball shall be Size 5 at U15 and above and size 4 U14 and below.
  11. Teams may use up to five named substitute players, who may be used at any time during the match for whatever reason, ie. “Repeated Substitutes”.  Substitutes may only be made during a break in play and with the referee’s consent. Repeated substitutes may be used up to and including the Under 16 age group.
    NOTE: No repeated substitutes are allowed in Under 19 competitions.
  12. All protests regarding eligibility/rules shall be lodged with Richard Davis within 24 hours of the completion/postponement/abandonment of the match. NYSFA shall have the final decision, against which there may be no appeal.
  13. The playing of ineligible players may lead to the disqualification of the whole team.
  14. If teams cannot agree as to the date or venue of a game, the NYSFA Secretary shall have the final decision following consultations.
  15. The home team shall be responsible for the appointment of Match Officials, who MUST BE NEUTRAL AND QUALIFIED in the case of Cup and Competition Finals and Semi-Finals.
  16. NYSFA shall be responsible for deciding the venue, date, time and officials for any Competition Final, following consultation with competing team managers. Normally, it is best if the two finalists discuss and agree on venue/date and then inform NYSFA immediately.  If there is no agreement, NYSFA will impose a date and a venue.
  17. Where teams have similar colours, the Home team shall be entitled to retain its colours.
  18. Matches may be played on any day from Monday to Friday, or on a Saturday or Sunday if both teams agree.
  19. Schools/Colleges who do not keep to deadlines for the rounds of ALL competitions, and who do not seek permission in advance from the NYSFA Secretary for any delay, WILL HAVE THE TIE DECIDED BY THE TOSS OF A COIN. Schools/Colleges will concede home advantage for postponing a match twice due to their ground being unfit.
  20. Schools/Colleges wishing to make an appeal over the staging/date/time/venue of games should do so before the game is due to be played, or before the limit date for the game to be played. The decision of the NYSFA Executive Council is final. 
  21. RESULTS should be forwarded by the WINNING TEAM WITHIN 48 HOURS of the completion of the match to the organising member of staff - Please note this is for all competitions.


Richard Davis [Secretary]
NYSFA             17/07/16