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AGM 2015 Minutes





Presidents opening comments:

NYSFA – President’s Opening Remarks


Mr Chairman and Distinguished Colleagues,

Circumstances prevent me for attending this AGM and I apologies for that.

I congratulate the section on a remarkable season, details of which the various reports will reveal. I particular commend Richard Davis for taking on the role of Secretary and for bringing NYSFA into the 21st Century. The use of the website, a tool I never got my head round, has been a great advance. Richard has become a remarkable hub for the section.

I hereby offer my resignation as President but have a nomination for that office when next year’s team is considered.

Thank you for the great support which I have enjoyed over the years. I shall remain passionate about schools’ football in North Yorkshire sparked by Richard’s frequent communications.

All the very best in the coming season.




Rich Davis (Scalby & Sec), Phil Crowther - Treasurer, Aidan Pass – SJF, Dom Wilson – LLS (U18 Assistant Manager), Stephen Speak – Ermysteds, John Wharton – Thirsk (U16 Manager), Phil Tuplin – Boroughbridge (U16 Manager), Mike Mastrolonardo – CCW (U18 Manager), Tony Teasdale, Dan Bird – Rossett, Polly Earnshaw – Filey, Martin Bell – Graham, Mark Willoughby – Manor (Y&S Sec)





Apologies for absence

Andy Pope – SGO York, , Martyn Coombs – CWO, Andy Raw – Eskdale, Matt Brown – Y&S Sec, Phil Marwood – Ryedale, Rob Solk – Tadcaster, Mark Fenton – Rossett H&C Sec, Jonathan Bielby – Bedale, Derek Block – Selby High, John Strover – St Aidans, Ashley Atkinson – King James School, Paul Bolland – QE, Stuart Wright – Northallerton, Tom Green – Malton, Eddie Myers – Northallerton, Nick Dale – Barlby, Lee Wasden – Wensleydale (H&R Sec), Andy Worrell – GPS (S&D Sec), Alistair MaCrae & Stuart Wright – Northallerton, Mark Wood – Arch Bishop Holgates, Neville Wharrier – Life Member, Doug Symons – St Augustines



Minutes of the last meeting.  (Distributed by Secretary via e-mail).

Matters Arising:

Meeting minutes from last year agreed as a true reflection and proposed by RDA and seconded by Phil Tuplin.



Secretaries Report (Distributed via e-mail)

  • Read by RDA
  • Explanation of some sections but no further comments
  • Thanks expressed to RDA



 Treasurer’s Report

  • Review of the NYYSSA lost grant of £3000 that makes it financially tight to run each season but we are solvent
  • Northern Counties contribution of £180 towards £600 coach for Northern Counties semi-final disappointing
  • Cost for the season outlined and areas of saving discussed


Thanks were given to Phil for the continued hard work he does on our behalf.



Election of Officers


President: Mike Mastrolonardo (proposed by E.Roberts and seconded by RDA)

Chairperson: Andy Park (LLS)

Secretary: Richard Davis (Scalby)

Treasurer: Phil Crowther

Life Members: Mike Mastrolonardo (Proposed by D.Wilson seconded by T.Teasdale

U15/U16 Managers: John Wharton (Thirsk) & Phil Tuplin (Boroughbridge)

U18 Managers: Aidan Pass (possible James Taylor) Assisted by D.Wilson

CWO: Martyn Coombs -confirmed

U12 5-a-side Comp: Phil Tuplin (Boroughbridge)

Team Physio: Sean Tasker

S&D Sec: Andy Worrell

H&C Sec: Mark Fenton

Y&S Sec: Matt Brown / Mark Willoughby

H&R Sec: Lee Wasden



Area Reports: (Provided by Area Secretaries)


S&D – Andy Worrell – Sent and on the website


H&C – Mark Fenton – Read by Dan Bird and on the website


Y&S – Mark Willoughby - Sent and on the website – spoken to at the meeting


H&R – Lee Wasden - Sent and on the website

Thanks to all secretaries for their hard work across the county getting district football running and reporting on the football

D.Bird to send to RDA for website








Team Manager Reports:

U16: Report by John Wharton

  • Discussed and reviewed by John Wharton
  • Communication between NYSFA and parents is good and that makes a positive start to all fixtures
  • Difficult season where opportunities for a more positive outcome could have created a very different outcome
  • Thanks from John to Phil for his support


Thanks to John and Phil for all their hard work last season.


U18: Report by Michael Mastrolonardo

  • Thanks to Phil, Dom and Sean for their support and help through the season
  • Discussed and reviewed the season


Final thanks from all at NYSFA for the efforts and commitment to all who are involved with the rep sides at U15,16&18 age groups.






  • Increase to £40 to cover costs as ESFA grant appears to be getting smaller – discussion took place about this and although it was considered possible to increase further at this stage if possible we are still looking to keep the cost as low as possible to break even.
  • Attendance at the AGM was discussed and suggested that as long as each area was represented by at least the secretary and another member then the discussions could be passed out around the county.










Agreed £40


RDA to resend affiliation requests to Dist Secs


County Cups

U12 5-a-side Winners

U13 BOYS – Tadcaster Grammar       -      U13 GIRLS - Scalby

U14 BOYS – Richmond     -       U14 GIRLS – St John Fisher

U15 BOYS – Arch Bishop Holgates

U16 BOYS – Barlby     -     U16 GIRLS – All Saints

U19 CUP – Caedmon College Whitby

U19 League Trophy – Harrogate Grammar

Congratulations to all winners of Cup competition


  • Suggested that the winning school then runs the follow years competition
  • Discussion on this topic suggest that schools in different areas could run the age groups once the draw was created by RDA agreement on who would do what is then below:

U13 Boys - Aidan Pass  - SJF

U14 Boys – Andy Park/Dom Wilson – LLS

U15 Boys – Mike Mastrolonardo – CCW

U16 Boys – Aidan Pass – SJF

U18 Boys – RDA – Scalby

U18 League – John Wharton – Thirsk

U13 Girls – RDA – Scalby

U14 Girls – Carey – SJF

U16 Girls – Mark Willoughby – Manor

These schools will keep the results and organise the final – RDA will provide the trophies.

Thanks to all those who took part this year the games we played in the right spirit and results and deadlines were met on most occasions and all the competitions had an end result.















County Trials

U16 – Saturday 19th September @ Thirsk School 10am-12.30pm

U18 – Saturday 26th September @ St John Fisher School 9.30am- 12pm


  • U16 trials will take place as before with the current U15 squad being invited and then further nominations from schools to RDA for this trial.
  • U18 trials to be done on a Saturday considering the feedback about difficulty on a Wednesday.  Some feedback already suggests this might be difficult too for some players who play Saturday morning – it was then pointed out that if selected Saturday morning commitment is the expectation.  All districts to send a side and nominations of those not in district sides to be sent again to RDA

We are still struggling to get players from Harrogate schools to County Trials.  Please pass on any info to lads from your school.  Harrogate schools make up the final stages of the county cup competitions yet only one was in the rep side this year!

District secretaries to organise U18 sides for the Saturday trial


RDA to email out reminders of dates in September



  • Eddie Roberts – discussion around the room about some honour that could be given to Eddie for his years of service that does not require any attendance or action on his behalf.  ‘LIFE PRESIDENT’.
  • Further proposals also discussed.




RDA has discussed with Eddie and he has gratefully agreed


T.Teasdale to email RDA.


Dates of future meetings

AGM – Wednesday 8th June 2016

2-4pm @ Lady Lumleys School Pickering

Thanks to all for coming and especially LLS for hosting.


Minutes to be sent out ASAP