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AGM 2014 Minutes





Presidents opening comments:


  • Welcome to all who are in attendance and thanks for a good turnout
  • This will be the last meeting of the football session under NYYSSA
  • Good news that we appear to be continuing next season in the demise of NYYSSA
  • Hope is that all will pull together to ensure the continuation of the section under NYSFA




Rich Davis (Scalby & Sec), Lee Wasden – Wensleydale (H&R SEC), Andy Park (LLS & Chair), Mark Willoughby (Manor & Y&S Sec),  Jon Bielby – Bedale, Phil Tuplin – Boroughbridge, Eddie Roberts – President, Phil Crowther – Treasurer, Mark Fenton – Rossett (H&C Sec), John Wharton – Thirsk (U16 manager), Jonty Maullin – St Aidens, Dom Wilson – LLS (U18’s), Nev Wharrier – Life Member, Tony Teasdale – Life Member (All saints)



Apologies for absence

Andy Pope – SGO York, Nick Dale – Barlby High, Chris Hutton – Risedale, Jon Hough – Graham, Martyn Coombs – CWO, Andy Raw – Eskdale, Tom Green & Andy Hodgson – Malton, Simon Walton – Millthorpe, Paul Bennan – Sherburn High, Andy Bell – Bootham School, Jon Newton & Luke Davies  – Norton College, Matt Brown – Y&S Sec, Ben Richardson – Upper Wharfedale, Phil Marwood – Ryedale, John Liley – Cundall Manor, Alistair MacRae – Northallerton College, Derek Block – Selby High, Julian Clarke – Girls Cup, Mike Mastrolonardo – Whitby CC, Andy Worrell (GPS & S&D Sec), James Shutt – Fulford, Darren Beattie,  Eddie Myers – Allertonshire, Doug Symons – St Augustines,



Minutes of the last meeting.  (Distributed by Secretary via e-mail).

Matters Arising: None

Meeting minutes from last year agreed as a true relection and proposed by RDA and seconded by Phil Crowther.



Secretaries Report (Distributed via e-mail)

  • Report produced by R Davis outlining the trial process and disappointment and then the representative season.  The need for volunteers from the H&C and Y&S districts as these areas don’t currently have any staff in any of the official roles.  The county cup situation has again been run by Eddie Roberts and he will provide all the results.  Thanks to him for running these competitions, also to Julian Clarke for running the girls cups.  Development of the website for communication and the site.  New Twitter account running to deliver messages to players and parents.



 Treasurer’s Report


Report given by Phil who read out the income and outgoings of the accounts.

  • NYYSSA grant of £3000 annually will now cease but ESFA grant appears to have doubled due to some extra teams and tournaments across NY
  • County cup cost work out about even most years due to increase cost for trophies etc and decrease in entries
  • Travel as ever is one of the largest costs.

Thanks were given to Phil for the continued hard work he does on our behalf.

Phil to e-mail report to RDA for ESFA grant


Election of Officers


President: Eddie Roberts

Chairperson: Andy Park (LLS)

Secretary: Richard Davis (Scalby)

Treasurer: Phil Crowther

Life Members: Phil Crowther added – Proposed by John Wharton and Seconded by Andy Park

U15/U16 Managers: John Wharton (Thirsk) & Phil Tuplin (Boroughbridge)

U18 Managers: Mike Mastrolonardo (Whitby CC) & Dom Wilson (LLS)

CWO: Martyn Coombs -confirmed

U12 5-a-side Comp: Phil Tuplin (Boroughbridge)

Team Physio: Sean Tasker

S&D Sec: Andy Worrell

H&C Sec: Mark Fenton

Y&S Sec: Matt Brown / Mark Willoughby

H&R Sec: Lee Wasden




Area Reports: (Provided by Area Secretaries)


S&D – Andy Worrell


No report provided by S&D Secretary


H&C – Mark Fenton


Report distributed by Mark and read.  AGM for H&C FA is 26th June 4pm at Pine Martin PH, Otley Road.

Some questions answered about the rep sides selection for the U15 trial and the need for all schools to have the opportunity to send students.  AGM attendance is important to get this kind of information and we would urge all schools to send a representative to support Mark in his work.


Y&S – Mark Willoughby

Report distributed and on the website


H&R – Lee Wasden

Report distributed and on the website










Mark to e-mail report to RDA for website


Team Manager Reports:

U16: Report by John Wharton


Verbal report on season by John Wharton – written report to follow.


Thanks to John for all his hard work almost single handed last season.


U18: Report by Mike Mastrolonardo

Read by Dom Wilson

Distributed by RDA and available on the NYSFA website



John to send report to RDA for website





At this point it was noted that we should offer our sincere thanks and gratitude to Eddie Roberts for all his hard work over the last 3 decades along with Edna who has supported us through NYYSSA.  Phil Crowther treasurer and Tony and Nev the life members who continue to support the section.



Opening of the NYSFA meeting





RDA the secretary read the proposal on affiliation to all attending which is on the website and was discussed. The proposal is that we will simple invoice districts for the number of schools and the districts will then have to find their own way to affiliate schools.  The cost is proposed at £35 per school.  This cost included cup entry, CPD, ESFA competition, county rep opportunity and insurance.


  • Generally the proposal was positive there were issues raised by Mark (H&C) about how he would raise the money from schools, it was considered to be a cheap entry fee considering costs in the past.
  • RDA explained that in S&D the schools affiliate to the SDSSA and then it would pay the NYSFA affiliation and that H&C must have a similar section
  • Mark was going to do some exploring of this and get back to RDA with a possible solution.  It was discussed that we may find a way to reduce the cost as some schools in H&C don’t play football due to geographical issues.
  • The proposal was passed and invoices will be sent out in July.


E-mail letter to Mark Fenton


County Cups

U12 5-a-side Winners Boys and Girls Scalby School

U13 BOYS – Harrogate Grammar

U14 BOYS – Rossett

U15 BOYS – St Aidens

U16 BOYS – St Aidens     -     U16 GIRLS – King James School

U19 CUP – St Aidens

U19 League Trophy – Harrogate Grammar

Congratulations to all winners of Cup competition


Use of PERESULTS.CO.UK for cup fixtures and organisation.


  • Enter schools in same order on the website to try and keep in geographical boundaries and reduce travel costs
  • Schools will enter through the district secretary who will send out an entry sheet to schools that needs to be collated and sent to RDA













Entry sheet to be sent to District Secretaries by RDA


County Trials

U16 – Saturday 20th September @ Rossett 10am-12pm

U18 – Wednesday 24th September @ Easingwold School 9.45am- 12pm


After an extremely successful U15 trial in terms of all districts attending can District Secretaries please get this information out to all schools in their areas as it has been highlighted by some schools that they have not received this trial information in the past and this communication is vital in offering every students in the County the opportunity to play at this level.  Thanks for your efforts in retrospect and if you need contact details for schools please get in touch and RDA will do his best to get them.


RDA to confirm the booking at Rossett with help of M.Fenton



  • Insurance:

a)      Insurance covered through ESFA – Cover to £5,000,000.

b)      Individual schools are covered through their own insurance for their own games.

c)      Events organised by NYSFA covered.

d)      Not covered for Player to Player insurance. Consider this for rep sides???? Or overseas trips.



  • Travel expenses discussed and agreed to keep at 40p per mile until next year.




Dates of future meetings

District secretaries meeting – Monday 2/3/15 4pm @ Manor Academy, York

Representative meeting – Wednesday 14/1/15 @ TBC

AGM – Wednesday 3/6/15 12-4pm @ Lady Lumley’s School , Pickering